Out of Time witness statement has been rejected

Worryingly, this page is one of the Top 5 downloaded pages on our website.  Sadly, from the many enquiries that we receive on this subject, the reason for the Out of Time witness statement/statutory declaration being rejected is usually because the TE7 and TE9 had been poorly completed. 

If your Out of Time witness statement has been rejected, you will receive a letter from the Traffic Enforcement Centre to advise you of the decision and informing you  that you may apply within 14 days of the date of service to have the decision ‘reviewed’ by way of an N244 Application. 

Why did the Traffic Enforcement Centre reject the Out of Time witness statement?

In fact, it is the local authority (or Highways England in the case of Dart Charging) who have the task of deciding whether or not to allow you to file the witness statement late. If they refuse to grant permission, they should outline the reason in a statement addressed to the Traffic Enforcement Centre. The file will then  be forwarded to an Officer of the Court so that they can decide whether or not the local authorities decision was the correct one.

You should be sent a copy of the statement from the local authority outlining their reason for refusing to grant permission to file the witness statement late.  If you have not received a copy, of please contact us. 

If you wish to have the decision reviewed by way of an N244 application you will see that we have an entire page on the subject here.

What happens if I do not file an N244?

If an application to ‘review’ or challenge the decision is not made within 14 days of service of the decision, the warrant will no longer be on hold, and bailiff enforcement can recommence.

Note from Bailiff Advice Online:

We have a great deal of experience with the Traffic Enforcement Centre and Out of Time witness statements and N244 Applications. If you have concerns as to why your Out of Time witness statement has been rejected, or whether to seek a review, you can email a question to us using our popular Question page.

Alternatively, you can contact us by phone. Please refers to our  Contact us page for further details.