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Our Bailiff Advice Online website has been an invaluable source of information to the public for the past 12 years with an average of over 1,200 pages viewed each day!!  If you receive  a letter or a visit from a bailiff  it can be very worrying. If so, you may wish to contact Bailiff Advice Online for assistance. A very popular way for the public to contact us is to send a question using the form on this page. Enquiries by this method are genuinely welcomed. You can also contact Bailiff Advice Online by telephone. Our details are below.  

Contact Bailiff Advice Online by phone:

Our telephone number is: 01643 841886.  We can be contacted between 9am and 6pm Monday to Friday. Please note that we do close between 1pm and 2pm. If our helpline is busy or you wish to contact us during the evening or weekend, simply send a question to us by email. Please see below for details.

Send a question to Bailiff Advice Online by email: (no fee to pay!!)

You can email a question to us using our very popular Enquiry Form. Please indicate on the form whether you would like us to  telephone you. We will do our best to  answer  your question via e-mail within an hour or so (slightly longer during evenings and weekends). So that we can answer your query as accurately as possible, please provide some background information.  

Finally, please note that if you send a question to Bailiff Advice Online using our online form, your information will always remain confidential. Your question form will be deleted from our records once we have dealt with your enquiry.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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