Notice of Fine and Collection Order

In all cases where a fine is imposed in the Magistrate Court, a Notice of Fine and Collection Order must  be issued. The relevant legislation is Schedule 5, para 12 of the Courts Act 2003

What information must be provided on the Notice of Fine and Collection Order

  • The amount of any fine imposed
  • Victims surcharge
  • Prosecution costs
  • Compensation order
  • Total sum due
  • Whether an Attachment of Earning or Attachment against Benefits has been made.

The Collection Order must state:

The Collection Order will also outline details of any penalties (such as penalty points on a driving licence etc). In the event of non payment. These will also be outlined on the Notice of Fine and Collection Order and will include the following:

Deductions from your earnings or benefits

Increase your fine by 50%

Clamping, removal and sale of your vehicle

Registering the fine in the Register of Judgments, Orders and Fines (affecting your ability to obtain credit)

A warrant of control being issued to a firm of bailiffs. Bailiff fees of up to £310 will be added to the amount imposed by the court.

Continued default – imprisonment  

Commentary from Bailiff Advice Online

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