Send a Question to Bailiff Advice

    Send a Question to Bailiff Advice

    If you have received a text message, a letter or a visit from a bailiff/enforcement agent in relation to any debt and our helpline is busy (or you have an enquiry during the evenings or weekends) then you can simply send a question to Bailiff Advice Online using the Enquiry Form on this page. Please provide some background information on the form as this will assist us in our response. We genuinely welcome all enquiries.

    When can I expect to receive a reply to my Enquiry ?

    We aim to respond to enquiries within 2-3 hours but it could be slightly longer during evenings and weekends.  Please note that the message box on the Enquiry Form will expand as you type. Please indicate on the form whether you would like  us to call you. You do not need to provide your full name on the form. You can simply provide a first name.

    In case you have difficulty finding the right section of our website for your enquiry, you may wish to visit our Bailiff Advice Online Index Page.

    We very much look forward to receiving your enquiry.

    Finally, please note that if you send a question to Bailiff Advice Online, your information will always remain confidential.  Your Enquiry Form, and any other information  will be deleted from our records once we have dealt with your enquiry.