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Internet myths about Bailiff enforcement

Unfortunately, with bailiff enforcement, there is a great deal of inaccurate and misleading information posted on the internet. We have therefore, introduced this page to explore (and correct) the most popular internet myths about bailiff [...]

Bailiff enforcement and vulnerability

Bailiff enforcement and vulnerability is an important subject and hopefully this page will be of assistance if you are vulnerable. The enforcement regulations provide some protection from bailiff action. However, such protection is only possible if [...]

Dart Charge Enforcement

We receive a significant number of enquiries regarding Dart Charge enforcement and hopefully the information on this page will be of assistance to you. In 2014, the very popular payment booths were removed from the [...]

News  from Bailiff Advice

Bailiff enforcement and being vulnerable.

Given the degree of misunderstanding regarding vulnerability we introduced this new page a short while ago and it has been the most downloaded News page on our website. A copy can be read here.

Bailiff Forums

Many people receiving a letter or visit from a bailiff/enforcement agent take to the internet to make enquiries about the method of enforcement or fees charged etc and invariably visit one of a number of Bailiff forums. Sadly, some bailiff forums provide  misleading and inaccurate information. A copy of our page on this subject can be read here.

Paying the Council or Court direct does not avoid bailiff fees.

The most popular enquiry that we receive is about whether or not bailiff fees can be avoided by paying the Council or Court direct. A copy of our page on this subject can be read here.