Traffic Enforcement Centre FAQ

We added this Traffic Enforcement Centre FAQ page to our website in order to answer the many questions that we receive from motorists via our helpline or  online Enquiry Form

Bailiff is enforcing  an unpaid PCN, does it mean that I have a  Judgment?

No it does not. Although an  unpaid Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) can be enforced by a bailiff/enforcement agent, there is no judgment recorded against you and your credit file will not be in any way affected.

The Traffic Enforcement Centre phone lines are always busy.

A very common problem I’m afraid. The fault is in part due to local authorities (National Highways, TfL etc) telling motorists to telephone the Traffic Enforcement Centre (TEC) to obtain forms TE7 and TE9 or PE2 and PE3 when instead; these forms can simply be download from the Traffic Enforcement Centre website !!

Will the Traffic Enforcement Centre give me the PCN number?

I’m afraid not. If you wish to speak with the Traffic Enforcement Centre, you will need to know the PCN number beforehand. The local authority, should provide this information to you. All PCN numbers start with two digits followed by 8 numbers (or sometimes; 7 numbers followed by the letter A).

I have an unpaid  Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) that I did not know about

If you have been contacted by an enforcement agent regarding a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) that you had not known about (usually because you had moved address etc), you can request that the debt (and bailiff fees) be cancelled by submitting a Dart Charge Out of Time witness statement to the Traffic Enforcement Centre. Please consider contacting  us for advice before submitting these forms.

I have completed forms PE2 and PE2, but I need to get my signature witnessed on the forms

It can be difficult getting the forms witnessed. Your local County Court can witness your signature for you but many times, they will insist on a appointment being made. The court will not charge a fee. However, most people who we assist arrange for the forms to be witnessed at a local solicitors. There should be no need to make a appointment and a standard fee of £5 per form is charged.

I have emailed my Out of Time witness statement to the Traffic Enforcement Centre.  What happens now?

You should receive an email around 5 mins later acknowledging safe receipt of your forms. The email header will say TEC…Automated Response…DO NOT REPLY. If you have not received this, then it means that your application will not be processed.

Will the Traffic Enforcement Centre, inform me that bailiff enforcement has been placed on hold?

No they wont. The acknowledgment email from the Traffic  Enforcement Centre is confirmation that your Out of Time witness statement (TE7 & TE9) or statutory declaration forms (PE2 & PE3) were safely received by TEC and will be processed in the time scale outlined. There is no point in telephoning the Traffic Enforcement Centre for an ‘update’. You will be told that you need to wait to receive a response by post.

I sent my Out of Time forms to the Traffic Enforcement Centre before 4pm, when will my application be processed? 

Currently, with staff shortages and Court backlogs, Out of Time witness statement applications received at the Traffic Enforcement Centre by the ‘cut off’ time of 4pm, are now taking up to 5 ‘working days’ to be processed and for TEC to inform the local authority ( TfL, National Highways etc) of your application and instruct them to notify their relevant enforcement company to place all bailiff enforcement on hold until a decision has been reached on your application (usually between 6 and 8 weeks).

When will the bailiff be told to place my account on hold?

As outlined above, at the time of updating this page (March 2024) the Traffic Enforcement Centre are encountering delays with processing Out of Time witness statement forms (TE7 and TE9 or PE2 and PE3) and unfortunately, it is now taking up to 5 ‘working days’  for applications to be actually processed and instructions given to enforcement companies to place enforcement ‘on hold’.

This delay means that if you submit your forms to TEC on a Friday afternoon (before 4pm) the enforcement company are unlikely to receive notification to place enforcement on hold until the following Wednesday.

The Traffic Enforcement Centre cannot process my Out of Time application as the PCN number has not been registered.

This is a very common enquiry that we receive. It means either, that the PCN has not yet reached bailiff  stage and instead; is still with the local authority. Such a message can also mean that the PCN number quoted on the forms is incorrect. All PCN numbers will start with 2 digits followed by 8 numbers (or 7 letters followed by the letter A). If you receive a letter or email from the Traffic Enforcement Centre advising that they cannot process your forms TE7 & TE9 or forms PE2 & PE3, please feel free to contact us.

How will I know  whether my Out of Time witness statement has been accepted?

You should expect to receive notification from the Traffic Enforcement Centre  of the decision approx 6-8 weeks after submitting your forms. If your application is accepted, you will receive a notice stating that the application has been granted and the Charge Certificate cancelled. The order will not cancel the penalty charge notice itself.  In most cases, a new Penalty Charge Notice will be issued to your correct address around 2 weeks later allowing you to either pay the PCN at the earlier discounted rate, or alternatively, to appeal the PCN.

The Traffic Enforcement Centre has refused my Out of Time witness statement

The following page from our website should assist you.

If I pay the bailiff, can I still submit an Out of Time witness statement?

Yes you certainly can. If your application is accepted, you will be entitled to a refund of the amount paid (including bailiff fees). If you encounter difficulty with obtaining a refund, please contact us.

I need help with completing the Out of Time witness statement forms TE7 and TE9 or PE2 and PE3

For 14 years we have been assisting motorists with drafting of Out of Time witness statements. Details can be found on this page of our website.

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If you have any questions about the Traffic Enforcement Centre or you require help with drafting  of your Out of Time witness statement, you can email a question to us using our online Enquiry Form. Alternatively, you can contact us by phone. Details are on our Contact page.