Complaining about a bailiff to CIVEA (The Civil Enforcement Association

CIVEA is an independently funded association formed to represent all private certificated bailiffs (enforcement agents) in England and Wales and as such, it must be understood, that it represents the interests of the bailiff/enforcement agent and his employer.

It should be noted that CIVEA will not consider any complaint referred to them  unless the complaint has gone through the bailiff companies full complaints procedure.

Full details of the procedure that must be followed when considering a complaint to CIVEA can be found in the Complaints Section of their website.

Note from Bailiff Advice Online:

If you are considering making a formal complaint to CIVEA regarding the conduct of  a bailiff company (or bailiff) and wish to discuss whether or not this is the correct procedure please feel free to contact us.

You can email a question to us using our popular Question page. Alternatively, you can contact us by phone. Details can be found on our Contact page.