Council Tax and Non-Domestic Rates

The Taking Control of Goods Regulations significantly changed the way in which a Liability Order for council tax or Non Domestic Rate arrears can be enforced by a bailiff. Under the Council Tax and Non Domestic Rates category of our website we have the following pages:

Liability Order

The entire Liability Order procedure from issuing of the summons, through to enforcement of the Liability Order is outlined in detail  here.

Non Domestic Rates Bailiffs

If you have arrears of non domestic rates (or business rates) you need to be aware that many of your company’s assets are at risk of being seized. Our page on this subject can be read here.

Payment arrangements with bailiffs

If you cannot pay your council tax debt in full to the bailiff/enforcement agent and want to set up a payment proposal, please read here.

Can I avoid bailiff fees by paying the council?

Bailiff fees cannot be avoided by paying the council direct. This is because, the Compliance fee of £75  should be deducted first and the balance of the payment split on a ‘pro rata’ basis. Full details can be read here.

What can a Bailiff take from my home?

Under the Taking Control of Goods Regulations, many household items are now exempt from being taken by a bailiff/enforcement agent. Full details are given on the following  page.

Council Tax Attachment of Earnings

If a Liability Order has been obtained, the local authority would be able to ask your employer to make deductions from your salary to pay towards your council tax arrears. Guidance on an Attachment of Earnings Order can be read here.

Council Tax…can I be sent to prison?

If a Bailiff/enforcement agent has threatened that you could be sent to prison if you do not pay please be assured that such a threat is not correct. Our page on this subject can be read here.

Commentary from Bailiff Advice Online

If  you have any queries about the enforcement of a Liability Order by a bailiff please feel free to contact us.  You can email a question to us using our online Enquiry Form. Alternatively, can contact our helpline. Details are on our Contact page.

Lastly, our Simplified Guide to the Taking Control of Goods Regulations 2013 can be read  here