Dart Charge and TFL Congestion Charge

The Dart Charge and TfL Congestion Charge category of our website is a very popular one. It will assist you if you have received a letter or visit from Marston Holdings, Equita Ltd or JBW Judicial Services. If an enforcement agent makes a personal visit to your property, the Dart Charge will increase to £425 and the TfL congestion charge to £513.

Dart Charge

This particular page is all about the Highways England Dart Charge. The fees payable for using the Dartford Crossing and details on how to contact Dart Charge are included. We have also provided details of the statutory notices you will receive if you fail to pay the Dart Charge.

Dart Charge and Bailiffs

Last year, bailiffs made over 200,000 visits to motorists to enforce non payment of a Dart Charge.  Two companies are contracted to enforce an unpaid Dart Charge. They are Marston Holdings and JBW Judicial Services Ltd. If you have received a Notice of Enforcement, a text message or a visit from one of these companies, then this new page should assist you.

Dart Charge Out of Time witness statement (TE7 and TE9)

If you have been contacted by Marston Holdings or JBW Judicial Service Ltd in relation to an unpaid Dart Charge that you had not known about (usually  because all notices had been sent to a previous address) then all bailiff enforcement will be placed on hold when an Out of Time witness statement is submitted. Our very popular page on this subject can be read here.

Transport for London and Bailiffs

Four enforcement companies are contracted to Transport for London to enforce an unpaid congestion charge, or red route contraventions. They are  Marston Holdings, Equita Ltd,  JBW Judicial Services and Task Enforcement. If you have received a letter, text message or personal visit from one of these companies, then this page should  assist you.

Commentary from Bailiff Advice Online

If you have any queries at all regarding bailiff enforcement for a TFL Congestion Charge or a Highways England Dart Charge, you can email a question to us using our online Enquiry Form.  Alternatively, can contact our free helpline. Details are on our Contact page.

Lastly, our Simplified Guide to the Taking Control of Goods Regulations 2013 can be read here.