Magistrate Court Fine

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Magistrate Court Summons and Means Enquiry Form (MC100)

It is really important that you respond to a summons from the Court and complete the Means Enquiry Form /Statement of Means  (MC100). Your fine will usually be set at a much higher figure than it ought to be if you do not complete the MC100.  Our page on this subject can be found  here.

Notice of Fine and Collection Order

When the Magistrate Court impose a fine, they will send you a Notice of Fine and Collection Order. Details of the conviction etc  and amount of fine and any other charges will be outlined on this notice. Full details can be read here.

Further Steps Notice

A Further Steps Notice is a very important legal document. If there is no response to this notice, the Fines Officer can take one or more of the STEPS outlined in the notice. The most usual step is to issue a warrant of control. If a warrant is issued, it would be enforced by either Marston Group, Excel Enforcement or Collectica Ltd.  Our page on this subject is here.

I do not  know anything about this Magistrate Court Fine

If you have received a Notice of Enforcement or visit from Marston Group,  Collectica, Excel Enforcement or Swift Credit Services  about a court fine that you had been unaware of, this  page should be of assistance.

Magistrate Court Fine and Section 14 Statutory Declaration

If you had been unaware of a Magistrate court fine, you can apply to the court for a Section 14 Statutory Declaration. The application needs to be made within 21 days of you becoming AWARE of an Magistrate Court fine. Our page on this subject is here.

TV Licence Court Fine

If you have a court fine for using a TV without a licence and have received a letter or visit from Marston Group, Collectica or Excel Enforcement, then you should find this page of assistance.

HMCTS Historic Debt Team

In 2016, HMCTS set up the HMCTS Historic Debt Team. This team recover Magistrate Court fines  that have remained unpaid for very long periods of time.  Our detailed page on this subject can be read here.

Magistrate Court Fine and setting up a payment arrangement

If you have received a Notice of Enforcement in relation to an  unpaid court fine and wish to set up a payment arrangement, then this page should be helpful.

I have a Magistrate Court fine…can the bailiff force entry?

If the debt is an unpaid magistrates court fine, the enforcement allow  is allowed to use force to gain entry into your property. This would usually be by the use of a locksmith. Forced entry very rare and is only every used as a last resort.  A separate warrant is not required. Our detailed page on this subject can be read here.


Commentary from Bailiff Advice Online

If you have any queries at all about the enforcement of a magistrate court fine by either Marston Group, Collectica Ltd, Excel Enforcement of Swift Credit Services, you can email a question to us using our very popular online Enquiry Form.  Alternatively, you can contact our free helpline. See our Contact page for details.

Our Simplified Guide to the Taking Control of Goods Regulations 2013 can be read here.