About the Traffic Enforcement Centre

This page is about the Traffic Enforcement Centre (TEC). It is part of Northampton County Court Bulk Centre and was established to allow local authorities to register penalty charge notices, (including Dart Charges, TfL congestion charges/Ultra Low Emissions, Merseyflow etc) that remain unpaid 14 days  after the issue of a Charge Certificate. The Traffic Enforcement Centre also authorise the issue of Warrants of Control and process Out of Time Witness Statements/Statutory Declarations.

Registration of Debt and Order for Recovery

If after 14 days of a charge certificate being served the penalty charge is still not paid, the enforcement authority may register it as a debt at the Traffic Enforcement Centre. The authority may then recover the penalty through the County Court. This process will start with the Traffic Enforcement Centre authorising the relevant authority to issue an Order for Recovery of unpaid Penalty Charge (form TE3). This will be served upon the motorist together with a Witness Statement (or Statutory Declaration).

Witness Statement/Statutory Declaration

Depending on the type of contravention, the Order for Recovery will be served with  either a Witness Statement or Statutory Declaration. The Witness Statement cannot be used to make representation  or complaint. It is an application to the Traffic Enforcement Centre (TEC) to ask them to revoke the registration of the penalty charge (the Order for Recovery) on one of the grounds listed on the Order for Recovery. It does not cancel the penalty charge.

Warrant of Control

If after a period of 21 days, a completed Witness Statement (or Statutory Declaration) has not been received at the Traffic Enforcement Centre or, the PCN remains unpaid, the local authority may request permission from the Traffic Enforcement Centre for a warrant of control to be issued. The warrant will then be passed to a bailiff company to enforce.

The Traffic Enforcement Centre also process requests from local authorities to reseal a warrant (when a new address has been identified).

Traffic Enforcement Centre (TEC) and Out of Time witness statements.

In relation to bailiff enforcement, the Traffic Enforcement Centre (TEC)  also process  all Out of Time late witness statements and statutory declarations. If your Out of Time witness statement is accepted, TEC will also produce the notice advising that the warrant has been revoked.

If a debt is registered at the Traffic Enforcement Centre, does it mean that I have a judgment? 

No it does not. Registration of a debt at the Traffic Enforcement Centre does not lead to a County Court judgment being issued  and your credit rating will not in any way be affected.

Contacting the Traffic Enforcement Centre (TEC)

As Out of Time witness statement forms are available online, it should not be necessary to telephone the Traffic Enforcement Centre (see below). But if you really need to, the number  is either: 0300 123 1059 or 01604 619 450.  The lines are open between 8.30 am and 4pm Monday to Friday.

Commentary from Bailiff Advice Online

We have a great deal of experience with the Traffic Enforcement Centre and over the past 12 years, have assisted thousands of individuals with drafting of Out of Time witness statements (TE7 and TE9) or statutory declarations (PE2 and PE3).  If you require our assistance, you can email a question to us using our online Enquiry form.  Alternatively, our Contact page  has our phone details.