Out of Time Witness Statement is granted

If your Out of Time witness statement is granted, you will receive a Revocation  Order from the Traffic Enforcement Centre advising  you that the court registration has been revoked, and  the charge certificate  cancelled. This order does not cancel the penalty charge and the local authority must advise you under separate cover if they wish to pursue the PCN.

The warrant can no longer be enforced by the bailiff and as a consequence, all bailiff fees are removed.

What will happen next?

This depends on the reason that you gave for submitting your Out of Time witness statement.If the reason had been because you  had not received the Penalty Charge Notice,  the local authority will reissue a new notice. This will give you the opportunity to make payment at the earlier discounted rate.

If the reason had been because you had appealed the PCN and not received a response, the PCN will be rewound back to the ‘appeal’ stage.

If your car has been removed by the bailiff  the local authority will instruct their bailiff company to release it. It will be for you to collect the vehicle.  It will not be delivered back to you. Because the warrant would have been revoked, you will not be liable for any storage fees.

Further information about an Out of Time witness statement.

We have a lot of information about the Traffic Enforcement Centre and Out of Time witness statements and statutory declarations on our website. Our index page on the subject is here.

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