In 2017, bailiffs made over 200,000 visits to motorists to enforce a warrant for unpaid Dart Charge penalties. Given the significant numbers of enquiries that we receive regarding an unpaid Dart Charge, we have introduced the following page to our website.

I didn’t know about the unpaid Dart Charge until a bailiff contacted me.

If you have received a telephone call, a text message, letter, or a visit from Marston Holdings, Equita Ltd or JBW Judicial Services in relation to a Dart Charge  that you knew nothing about, (most commonly, because all notices had been sent to a previous address) then all bailiff enforcement can be halted by submitting an Out of Time Witness Statement (TE7 and TE9) and sending it to the Traffic Enforcement Centre (TEC).

We have an entire page dedicated to  Dart Charges Out of Time Witness Statements here.

I have multiple unpaid Dart Charges

We receive many enquiries from motorists who have multiple unpaid Dart Charges and many times, the amount owing can run into thousands of pounds. There can be many reasons why a motorist had been unaware that Dart Charge penalties had been incurred. For instance; a Dart Charge account may have been closed without the motorist knowing (usually because there had been insufficient funds available in the account when a crossing had been made). Also, an account may have been closed because a bank card registered against the Dart Charge account had expired. We have also had many cases where the V5C (Log Book) is retained by a finance/leasing company and for various reasons, the company had provided the wrong address to Highways England.

How much will I have to pay if a bailiff is instructed?

If a warrant of control is issued, it will be enforced by either Marston Holdings, Equita Ltd or JBW Judicial Services Ltd. Legislation only provides for the enforcement company to send one letter entitled Notice of Enforcement. The notice will request payment of £190.50 which will include the enforcement companies ‘compliance fee’ of £75. It is important to be aware that if you had used the Dartford Crossing for a return journey and had not paid, you should receive two separate Notice of Enforcements (total amount payable of £380). If you fail to make payment within the strict time limit outlined on the Notice of Enforcement, a personal visit will be made (and as outlined above, over 200,000 visits were made by bailiffs in 2017).

When a visit is made,  the amount payable increases significantly to £425.50 (£190.50 plus an ‘enforcement fee’ of £235) and if your vehicle is outside of your property, it is likely to be clamped or worse still, removed to the bailiff companies vehicle pound. A removal fee of £110 plus additional storage costs will also become payable.

I have received a Dart Charge Warning Letter. 

If you have received a Penalty Charge Notice accompanied by a Dart Charge Warning Letter and you are unsure of the steps that you must take, please contact us immediately.  Our contact details are at the foot of this page.

Commentary from Bailiff Advice 

If you have any queries regarding a Dart Charge that you had not known about or you have received correspondence (or a visit) from an enforcement agent in relation to multiple Dart Charges,  you can email a question to Bailiff Advice using our very popular Question page.  Alternatively, you can contact us by phone. Details are on our Contact page.