Magistrate Court Fines

Under this section of our Bailiff Advice website you will find the following pages:

All about Magistrate Court Fines

This page provides details about Magistrate Court fines and how they are set. A copy can be accessed  here.

Magistrate Court Summons and Means Enquiry Form (MC100)

We cannot stress enough the importance of responding to the summons from the Court and completing the attached Means Enquiry Form (MC100). Failure to do so, will lead to the court fine being set at a much higher figure than it ought to be. Full details are  here.

Notice of Fine/Collection Order

When a court fine has been imposed, a Notice of Fine/Collection Order will be issued by the Magistrate Court. Full details can be read here.

Further Steps Notice

A Further Steps Notice is an important legal document. Failing to deal with this notice can lead to a Warrant of Control  being issued. Out page on this subject is here.

Court Fines and Statutory Declaration

If you had been unaware of a court fine until you received a Notice of Enforcement or a personal visit from  Marston Holdings Ltd, Collectica Ltd, Excel Enforcement or Swift Credit Services, then all bailiff enforcement can be halted by submitting a Statutory Declaration to the Magistrate’s Court. Details of this procedure can be read here.

TV Licensing and Court Fines

The most common court fine for bailiffs to enforce are those relating to using a TV without a licence. This is one of the most popular pages on our website and can be read  here.

Court Fines and setting up a payment arrangement

If a Warrant of Control has been passed to a Marston Holdings Ltd, Collectica Ltd, Swift Credit Services or Excel Civil Enforcement, this page explains what you should do and how to set up a payment arrangement. The page can be accessed here.

Court fines…can a bailiff force entry?

With Magistrate Court fines, a bailiff/enforcement agent is allowed to force entry in some circumstances. A copy of the Forced Entry Protocol and full details of the procedures that must be followed can be read here.

Note from Bailiff Advice 

If you have any queries at all about a magistrate court fine, you can email a question to us using our popular Question page.  Alternatively, you can contact us by phone. Details are on our Contact page.

A simple overview of the Taking Control of Goods Regulations 2013  including details of  bailiff fees, the notices that must be given by the bailiff and items that are ‘exempt’ from being taken into control can be read here.